DROSE Turns Back Time

Back in 2011, Derrick Rose held up the trophy for Most Valuable Player. This would only be three years after entering the league and being drafted number one in the 2008 NBA draft. At 22 years old he became the youngest player to ever win the MVP and still holds that record to this day per NBA.com. Prime time Derrick Rose was a monster on the court as he exploited every defensive weakness as he glided to the hoop. During his MVP year he had been playing for the Chicago Bulls and spent seven seasons there.

As time went on things began to unfortunately take a turn. One year later after being named the MVP, Rose suffered an ACL tear in the first game of the Eastern Conference with a minute and 20 seconds left on the clock according to the Chicago Tribune. Derrick had been battling minor injuries prior his entire career but had never endured something to this severity.

This knee injury would sadly be the start to a down spiraling career as he sat out the entire 2012’13 season to recover. He would make his first comeback the following season only to tear his meniscus in his right knee. Later in 2014 after his second comeback he tears the same meniscus and has to go through the entire recovery process for a third time.

2015 would mark the year of his last game in the Windy City. The following season he was traded to our very own New York Knicks where he hoped to have a fresh start. It didn’t go as planned. The season started with Rose in and out of court as he was charged with sexual assault Sports Illustrated addressed. As the Knicks record sunk so did Derrick. Dealing with his past and having to manage being away from his four year old son. Derrick even went M.I.A during a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, “ I saw ‘NO’ on my schedule and thought that meant I didn’t have a game.” If there hadn’t been any other signs before, this was definitely a red flag. He would later be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, waived by the Utah Jazz and has now finally found a sport on The Timberwolves.

October 31st, 2018. 30 year old Derrick Rose drops 50 points and shocks the basketball world. A career high, along with seven 3PA’s (three pointer attempts) and a smile on his face. The former MVP is brought to tears by the end of the game. This must be a great emotional boost for him,” Gabby Troy stated this past week. Senior Sophie Bouza claimed “ it was one for the ages and I hope it leads him in the right direction.” Meegan Galante added that “ this must be so inspiring to young fans that may be dealing with adversity.” It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Derrick Rose, for now we can only hope it ends on the right foot or knee!

Katherine SheridanComment