Paul Rabil's Premiere Lacrosse League

Although there is the National Lacrosse League and the Major Lacrosse League, there is now a new league for lacrosse players to benefit from called the Premiere Lacrosse League. The new league is set to start on June 1st, 2019 and it is group of 140 of the best lacrosse players in the world. The players are given wages that are four times the amount of money that the MLL gave them, health benefits which are a first for pro lacrosse players, and equity for players getting them invested in the league. In 2014 Paul Rabil tried to help rebuild the MLL and the league didn't want help Paul Rabil was later.

Rabil’s PLL has landed investors like the Chernin group, Bloom capital, Creative Artists Agency, and former college lacrosse players from elite schools across the country including the New England Patriots’ wide receiver, Chris Hogan, who played collegiate level lacrosse at Penn State.

The league consists of 86 former all American college athletes and 25 players on the USA National team. The PLL is the first league to offer player equity making the league more about the players and the sport itself.

Paul Rabil's new PLL landed deal with NBC Sports Group for a televised broadcast with 19 televised games on 3 different channels. The broadcasting aspect is aiming to help the MLL grow.

After Bloomberg was named the first lacrosse million dollar man, he has a huge social media following and landed major endorsements such as Red Bull and Go Pro. This is allowing him to be a major player in the sport by promoting the league on social media and attempting to get his new league a following before it even starts.

Paul Rabil’s new league allows the best of the best players to play in the professional indoor league so they can participate all year round, expanding the sports’ popularity across the country.

Liam PrentisComment