Devastating Flood Attacks Northeast of Australia

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bush fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These are the main hazards in Australia. In Australia major floods in  isolated towns, disrupt infrastructure and cause death. They also can cause widespread damage to house and business premises as well as losses in agriculture are common. In this case, the floods are the reason why the people who live in Australia are losing their homes.

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Josue GreenComment
Solar Pandas in Datong

Day by day solar energy is starting to seem like a more viable solution for sustainable power. In china, this notion has become a reality. Panda Green Energy, one of the leading solar panel companies located within Datong county, has constructed two major solar panel farms in the shape of one of the regions indigenous species. The Panda.

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Liam SweeneyComment
Egyptian Security Forces on the Lookout for Terrorism Before the Holidays

In recent news it was reported that Egyptian security forces killed 40 suspected terrorists in raids that were located in the Giza and North Sinai regions early Saturday. State media also later reported that four innocent people were killed due to a roadside bomb banged into a tourist bus in Giza. It was reported that these raids begun at dawn and singled out three suspected hideouts of terrorists groups who were planning terrorists acts during the holidays.

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Lili NoahComment
Unexpected effects of the Government Shutdown

It’s been two weeks since the U.S. Government has been partially shut down, and there’s no sign of it coming to a close. Though you would think that federal workers would be the only ones affected, that’s actually not true. There are many unforeseen effects that this shutdown could have on the average everyday person.

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Sophia DiPrimaComment
A New Hotel Opens… Underwater?

While the Maldives may be known for its natural environment located near the sea, it has recently been known for something entirely different: an underwater hotel. Specifically, the world’s first underwater hotel. On November 15, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island had opened the world's first-ever underwater hotel residence. The two-story hotel is set more than 16 feet below the Indian Ocean. Its name is "Muraka," meaning "coral" in the Maldives' local language Dhivehi.

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Simarleen Rana
Tomb from 4,400 years ago found in perfect condition

Last Saturday, archaeologists found a one-of-a-kind tomb in perfect condition in Saqqara, Egypt. According to Khaled al-Anani, Egypt’s minister of antiquities, it was the tomb of a Royal Priest that lived during the 5th dynasty. He lived under the rule of the third king of the dynasty, Neferirkare Kakai.

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Madelynn Murray
Are you addicted to coffee?

Do you drink coffee everyday? Do you depend on coffee to wake you up every morning? Do you get a headache when you don’t drink coffee? If you answered any of these questions yes, you are addicted to coffee. Some days your morning cup of coffee may be the only thing pushing you out of bed, out the door, and into your daily school/work life. The phenomenon is extremely common today and it is actually considered a real, medical mental disorder. This phenomenon of being addicted to caffeine is actually included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is used by many medical professionals as a diagnostic tool amd classification.

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Lili Noah
The Kilogram gets redefined

On Friday, November 15, scientists met in Versailles, France at the General Conference on Weights and Measures. There they voted to change the definition of a Kilogram. This official change will take place on May 20, 2019, aka World Metrology Day.  

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Sophia DiPrima
New York Wins Amazon, but do New Yorkers Lose?

After a yearlong search for Amazon’s next headquarters, out of 238 submissions and 20 finalists, Amazon has selected Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City, VA as the twin sites of its next HQ, known as HQ2. The project is set to create thousands of construction jobs, 25,000-40,000 high paying tech jobs in each city, and at least $5 Billion in investment. However, with Amazon moving to the Big Apple, how do New Yorkers actually benefit?

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Noah Kantor
Long Island Holiday Festivities Guide

With Thanksgiving coming to a close and the rest of the holiday season right around the corner, there are plenty of events going on that are spreading the holiday cheer on Long Island. You can easily celebrate the holidays close to home without the hassle of traveling to NYC and beyond!

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Julia DeVita