Be mindful, and join mindfulness club!

3 tests in one day, sports practice until 9, family obligations, drama with friends; us teenagers have all been there before. The stress of high school, your social life, and everything going on in what seems like a short day, can easily take over and create a negative outcome on you. Teens suffer from it daily and it seems to continue to get worse as you get older and starts to have more responsibilities. Although it would be ideal to run away from the problems we have, and escape to a lovely beach in Costa Rica and watch the waves ripple all day, the best way to overcome stress is to face it

As said by Lou Holtz “It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.”

If you need a way to deal with stress, to relax and enjoy yourself with a group of mindful and loving people, join mindfulness club! All you need to do is pop on by to the library after school! We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Mindfulness club is run by the wonderful Mrs.Koenig. When asking senior, Brittany Vaughn, why she loves mindfulness club she said,  “I love the club because it helps me feel less stressed out and I like to read the hilarious cards we pick out during the meetings!”

Mrs.Koenig is very experienced in the way she teaches how to mindful and always will put a smile on your face with her kind-hearted personality. During club meetings, we reflect on our lives and the struggles we all face and how to overcome and cope with them in a mindful method. It's so easy to make friends in this club because everyone is so open to talking and helping each other. We are able to connect very easily because we are all teenagers going through the ups and downs of high school together.

We are working together, eager to make a change, to make the high school a more positive environment where students can all feel they are a part of the HF family. We are working on things such as changing the posters in the hallways to have a more mindful message. If you stay tuned for the daily morning announcements, you will hear a mindful quote brought to you by Julia Devita and the mindfulness club! The club isn’t only based on us as individuals, but the school as a whole and making it a more mindful place.

Another great thing we do in this club is guided meditations. Mrs. Koenig is wonderful at teaching us how to meditate and how to use great methods for when we are stressed out. Simple things like this can change how you feel and eliminate stress from your life. When asking junior, Caroline Kearney, how she feels about the meditations we do she said, “It’s really relaxing and it is definitely something I can see myself using at home when I need to distress. All these techniques are very useful and I think every student can benefit a lot from them.”


Help to make the school and yourself more mindful and join mindfulness club! New members are always welcome and we can’t wait to see you there!


Rebecca Interdonati