A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a Holiday where we give thanks for what we have,and try to give back to others in return. One HF student in particular understands this concept too well. For over 10 years now, junior Johnny Gadamowitz hosts a huge football game on Thanksgiving morning, where over 50 kids come together to play America’s most popular sport. What makes this occasion so special is that Johnny urges attendees each year to bring in money, coats, food items and etc that are donated to various charities.“Since 2006 we’ve gathered a bunch of kids together to play some football on Thanksgiving, but around the third year I came up with the idea to raise some money for a good cause in the process. We’ve donated to HACEF, Ronald McDonald House, and various other charities and we’re able to get more people to attend every time thanks to social media, which results in more donations.” The games are 2 hand touch, 6 on 6, where experienced football players are assigned to captain each team. After a while, the game stops, and different teams play each other. When it’s all said and done, everybody gets a solid couple of hours of football, and a lot of good is done as well. Another HF junior, Adam Marino, who has been going for many years, shares his thoughts on the event. “It’s something that everyone looks forward to each year, and what’s great about it is that it is all for a good cause. Johnny gathers everyone to come down and just play some carefree football. On top of thanksgiving, we also play on Super Bowl morning, so there’s more than one chance to get involved.” If you would like to find about more about this Thanksgiving tradition, inquire to Johnny Gadamowitz for information.

Matthew DiDomenico