Whether you are into physically playing sports or not, March is an exciting time of year for basketball fans across the country. Harborfields High School would like to bring that exact energy to our own gym. On March 30th at 7 p.m, students from all grades are encouraged to participate in our very own March Madness! The freshman class is playing against the junior class, and the sophomores are up to battle against the seniors.

Although this event we have planned is a step down from Michigan State v. Kansas, or South Carolina v. Duke, it’s still going to be exciting and definitely very competitive. “Our high school is made up of kids who thrive on competition and winning, so doing something like this will be really awesome,” says Senior Spencer Stapleton. This is true, because we have students from all grades signing up to either say they beat the underclassmen or the upperclassmen.

The HFamily’s version of March Madness isn’t centered around basketball. The student government is giving kids the opportunity to play basketball, dodgeball, kickball, or volleyball with their friends. And yes, there is no problem with forming a team with all your friends, as long as you guys are out to dominate. Senior Jess Martino adds, “I am actually horrible at basketball, so I signed up with a couple of my friends for volleyball. I’m so excited, I want to get as involved as I can before the end of my senior year.”

If you want to wrap up the week of school on Thursday, March 30th at 7:00, come play in these tournaments for the possibility to be rewarded full bragging rights. Speak to a student government officer from any grade, there still may be room for you and your friends!

Christina Kohl