With the school year winding down, Harborfields High School is in the home stretch when it comes to promoting school spirit. Our spring Carnival Day is just around the corner and this event is meant to bring the entire school together one last time. Just like last year, the theme will be “HF LUAU.” Yes, Harborfields High School essentially is paradise.

The tropical theme is a fun way to kick off the warm weather. Our Leadership Class has gone above and beyond with decorations and entertainment. Senior Michael Greaves, also known as “Mr. Harborfields” is planning to deck out the Carnival with tiki torches, light up palm trees, and a massive Golden Pineapple Banner. He informed the Leadership Class this morning to “Get ready to work on Wednesday.”

Like every year, the Carnival lasts for a majority of the school day. From third period to eighth period, students can come down and hang out with friends. That is, of course, if your teacher gives you the “OK” or if you would be chilling in the cafeteria anyway.

To keep the day running smoothly, and to keep kids entertained, there will be a lot of things going on at the actual event. The Leadership Class has organized to get an 18-foot blow up obstacle course for anyone to kick off their shoes and go on. Various backyard games such as Kan-Jam, Volleyball, Basketball, Hula Hoops, and Frisbee will  be set up. And what is an HF Carnival without the dunk tank? Seniors Iain White, Bridget Nostro, and Ryan Stolba have volunteered to be submerged in freezing cold water. However, they might be in luck, because the weather forecast for Wednesday, May 24 looks 71 and sunny.

For the students who would rather spend the day chilling out and laying on the blacktop, we have our own HF musicians performing at the Carnival. Kids from each grade level have signed up already to perform; of course, they will be singing tunes that go along with the “HF LUAU” theme.

To keep tradition going, the Leadership class will be selling cotton candy and have face paint available for people to get in the spirit. We are also lucky to have several clubs in the high school coming down to sell different types of food. Was it mentioned that Mr. Sofftee will be driving down at 11:00?

Another important announcement in regards to the Carnival is that HF Pageant tickets will be sold outside for the event being held on Tuesday, May 30, at 7:00 p.m. We would like all grades to feel welcomed to this fun and obviously unique event that is in appreciation of the senior boys. Tickets are five dollars!

After weeks of hard work and dedication to the flow of the “HF LUAU,” we hope to get a good reaction from all those who attend. As mentioned before, this is one of the last opportunities that the 2016-2017 school year has to show off spirit. There are activities and elements of the day that will work for everyone in regards to keeping them happy and amused.

Christina Kohl