The 45th Annual Variety Show!

We are rapidly approaching the Harborfields Council of PTAs Scholarship Variety Show! The Variety Show is an annual event held here at Harborfields that everyone looks forward to this. This year is a big year because it is the 45th year that Harborfields is holding the amazing show!

This year the Variety Show is on Friday the 25th of January and Saturday the 26th of January. Everyone is looking forward to see these amazing talents from the Harborfields talents! Here is people from Harborfields High School that will be in the show:

Friday, the 25th                                                                                      

Victoria Bell                                                                                           

Mia Desiderio

Ty Ellenbogen

Johnny Gadamowitz

Joe Interrante

Dylan Irgang

Liam Leary

Claire Lindsey

Will McClure

Mia Mirabile

Matt Motherway

Emily Noden

Ryan Nostro

Grace Pastorelli

Anna Perz

George Pryor

John Roy

Jack Salzman

Bobby Tornese

Lina Tornese

Saturday, the 26th

Conor Atkinson

Chris Benincase

Robert Blosser

Michela Eivers

Gabby Gagliano

Kayla Gray

Riley Maguire

Madison Maiella

Adam Marino

Will McClure

Alyssa Mills

Jennifer Mittelman

Katlin Modica

Matt Motherway

Nick Paul

Hannah Proce

Eva Pukke

Jack Salzman

Yatharth Sharma

Kieran Tully

Tickets are being sold for $15 at

We hope to see you there!

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