Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Foundation

On February 7th, 2017, Mr. Kantor (Nikki Kantor’s dad) came to Harborfields High School to speak and discuss with the SADD club, the Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Foundation. If you don't already know, Nikki Kantor was a Harborfields student who unfortunately passed in a car crash in July of 2010. Nikki was a student, 17, just like we are and was new to having a car and driver's license.

It was a foggy day in the summer and she was driving down centerport road and was distracted by something unknown that caused the collision. “And just like that her whole life was over” described Mr. Kantor. It is a tragic event that Mr. Kantor hopes that we as students can help to prevent a problem like this from occurring again. It has been 6 and a half years since Nikki Kantor passed. With those 6 years, 6 scholarship awards have been given out to 6 students under the name of Nikki.

Mr.Kantor with the help of us, fundraises to get the money for the scholarships. He sells things like shirts, stickers for a car, shirts, and more. He goes to various high schools and speaks to juniors and seniors about Nikki’s story and how important it is to limit distractions when driving and to be very careful because anything can happen when you are behind the wheel.

Towards the end of the year Mr.Kantor will be coming to our school to give his assembly. We will be selling something like a t-shirt or a lanyard outside to contribute to the Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Foundation. We are very lucky to have someone as courageous and strong as Mr.Kantor to step out from a hard time and share his story and try to help other students. By Mr.Kantor visiting, it gives students a heads up and will give students a lesson on how to be safe.

So, show your support and contribute to the scholarship, and always remember to take caution when driving.

Rebecca Interdonati