Sign Up for SADD's April 6th Blood Drive Today!

Every year, Harborfields holds blood drives to give students an opportunity to help save lives. Every pint of blood counts and you are donating to someone who is in need and in the end will really appreciate all the people who stepped up to save their life.

The SADD blood drive will take place on Thursday, April 6th from 7:45am to 1:45pm in the multi-purpose room. If you are interested in donating or have any questions, contact Mrs.Ambrosio. This blood drive is run by SADD Club and the club will be sitting at the wall of scholars during lunch periods with the sign up sheet.

“I love to see people sign up for the blood drive because I know they are doing it to make a change and to do something really good for another person,” says SADD club member Grace Howard.

Anyone from the age of 16 and up is eligible to participate unless you are anemic. They will check your health status to make sure you are able to donate. When you donate, you are giving one pint of blood. Some may feel dizzy afterwards from the blood loss but not to worry, they will give you cookies and juice after you finish donating. When asked why she thinks it is important to donate blood, Kimmy Wilkes responded with “it is a really easy thing to do and to have the chance to save somebody's life who is a lot less fortunate than you is a really special.”

Although needles can be a scary thought, on the plus side with everybody who signs up for the blood drive is given the chance to win either a free prom ticket or a free yearbook! Even if you show up and you can't donate, your name will still be put in. We really hope to see you there because after a day your body will replace the blood that you lost, but you will be helping somebody else for a lifetime.

Becca Interdonati