Model UN

Harborfields High School has it’s very own Model United Nations club. Many students are unaware that our school offers this great opportunity to join this club at Model United Nations.

The goal of the club is to educate students, whether it be at a college or high school level, about international affairs. Students discuss and debate affairs that the real United Nations would, acting as delegates to a nation they would be ambassador to for the event. They create resolutions and work with their "allies" to end theoretical conflicts. These events are called conferences. There are thousands of conferences schools can attend, some even being out of the country.

When asked to describe the club, Junior Ben Ciprios said, "Model UN is a group for those passionate about global politics who want to diplomatically resolve international issues."

Harborfields hosts their own mock conferences, where students come together on a Saturday morning and discuss current global issues.. They discourse topics revolving around peace and security, human rights, the environment, food and hunger, economic development and globalization. Schools put their knowledge about international affairs to practice at these conferences.

This year, the club will be visiting the United Nations Visitor Centre. Advisors Mrs. Greening and Mrs. McCullagh organized this trip to the city in November. If this club interests you, get in contact with the advisors because it's never too late to join!


Emily Dauth