GSA and National Coming Out Day

In the past, the GSA, or Gay-Straight Alliance, has been home to many discussions on sexuality, labels, acceptance, and role models. There would occasionally be trips to LGBTQ centers, as well as other events. While this will continue for years, we have recently changed the name to the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, allowing for a broader discussion on inter-sectional issues.

A few weeks ago, the GSA’s main focus was on National Coming Out Day, which was on Thursday, October 11. National Coming Out Day is celebrated at our school to show support for LGBTQ students who came out, or are still in the closet. While some may think that this day is only for members of the community, this is not the case at all. One of the reasons for setting up this day was for allies to show their support. When LGBTQ people discover that their school is supportive of them regardless of their sexuality or gender identity, they feel like they truly fit in.

At the table in front of the cafeteria, rainbow pins and ally stickers were readily available for people to take and wear. Also, two posters were created for people to sign and show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. “In between each period, people crowded around the posters to sign them with their own colorful designs,” says Liam, an HF student.


In the future, the GSA wants to hold lively discussions on gender, sexuality, and the connection between them. Along with this, we want to focus on feminism and the recent #MeToo movement that has sprung up over the past year. By discussing gender issues, we hope to eliminate any sort of apprehension that people have when thinking about joining the GSA.


We meet every other Wednesday in the library, and new members are always welcome. We have plans to play fun games and have in-depth discussions on topics pertaining to the club. If you or a friend wants to join the club, show up to one of our meetings, and we will gladly welcome you!