Impact of Clubs on Students at HF

This past week, many of the clubs around HF have had their first meetings, or are starting soon. Joining clubs is a great way to get involved in school, and they are fun! Along with getting to meet new people that you might not always talk to, clubs allow you to discover something you are passionate about. There are clubs for everyone at our school.

Joining clubs is a vital part of your high school experience. Everyone I know has taken away great things they learn from clubs; they leave with great memories and only have great things to say about them. While talking to a student, Kieran Tully, about his experience in clubs, he said, “Clubs get me involved in school and created learning opportunities that I know will help me in the future. I had the pleasure of meeting people who I can now call my closests friends. And not to mention participating in clubs looks good on college resumes.” Another student, Eva DeSantis said, “Clubs are a cool way to meet new people and get an idea about what you may be interested in for the future.”

Especially to all the freshman out there, I strongly encourage you to go join clubs. Looking back at freshman year, I wish I had joined a few more clubs. Being a part of a club makes your time in high school so much more memorable. You can meet new people, find something you’re passionate about and so much more. There are so many options.

Clubs can also include activities like art, music, science, math, etc. For some people, maybe they aren’t that into sports. Well that’s fine. Getting involved in school doesn’t necessarily mean you need to play a sport. Although sports are a great way to get involved, there are other opportunities and activities at HF to get involved in. There is something for all of us and clubs can help you discover that!

Many clubs at HF do activities outside of just the high school. For example, the robotics team last year went all the way to regionals, how crazy is that! Being a part of a club doesn’t mean just meeting once a month and hanging out. To many people it is so much more than that, and can have a significant impact on them. One of my favorite parts about clubs at HF is that you are not only limited to joining one club. You can join several clubs at once. The last student I interviewed, Maya Salzman, who participated in Global Justice said, “It’s fun and it motivates you to help others and take action in our community.”

Clubs impact students here so much and the fact that you can get involved with as many as you want is even better. For example, our highschool has its own GSA club. This shows that students here at HF are all accepted for who they are. This club creates a safe environment for all students, as do many of the other clubs. Another club that seems to have a very significant impact on students here is the Mindfullness Club. This club allows people who are having personal problems, or are feeling overwhelmed with loads of schoolwork, to decompress, have a safe space to talk and have some a good time together. Clubs are not only a way to communicate with peers, but are also a form of support to the students at HF.

The clubs here at HF make me appreciate our school even more than I already do. They show that there are so many options and activities to get involved in. So whenever you get a chance, go out of your comfort zone, go to a club meeting, and you never know, you may discover something you love to do.

Mackenzie Jones