Join the GSA

You may not know it, but Harborfields High School has it’s very own GSA club. Don’t know what that is? The GSA stands for gender sexuality alliance.

Gay straight alliances are typically organizations at schools that involve students of all background that promise to create a safe space for students of all sexualitiy. It’s a promise of freedom of discrimination and judgement based on sexual orientation. It a promise to support everyone and a willingness to be open and listen to each other. It gives a safe space to learn about each other and things that feel taboo.

One of the goals of the GSA is to promote acceptance within the community by their presence. It’s important that not only that members are secure within the club, but within their community. It promotes discussion It’s critical to create a safe school. This includes fighting homophobia and transphobia.

One common misconception about the club is that all members are students of all sexualities besides straight. However, many straight students join the club to represent themselves as allies of gay, transgender, and lesbian students.

One of most popular events that the GSA holds at HHS the national day of silence. This day is a time for people to take a vow of silence against bullying. It helps to just raise awareness for the people who are too scared to stand up against the people that might bully them and others as well.  

If you’d like to join the club, it’s never too late! The GSA is advised by one of the schools psychologists, Ms.Koenig.  meets first and third every month. Use this opportunity to show to Harborfields that you’re accepting member of our community!

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque