Fashion of Leggings

Last year, one of the greatest fashion trends throughout the year was athletic wear for both men and women. Leggings, sneakers, and pullover sweatshirts are just some of the most popular items bought from retail stores.

The popularity continues into the fall of this year. Much of the sports wear comes from the models themselves. Promoting clothes that are simple, comfortable to wear and stylish leads the way to customers at local shops.

Some brands have even started to promote their own sections of athleisure. Victoria’s Secret expanded their brand with VS Sports, gaining even more popularity throughout the United States and the world.

However, not everyone agrees with the style of athleisure wear; Emily Dauth, a senior at HF says, “I’d feel more comfortable wearing jeans and converse, running sneakers and sports leggings aren’t really my things to wear.” Of course not everyone agrees with the course fashion takes. Today’s fashion industry is general and tolerant towards any style.

Athleisure fashion wear is not the only thing continuing into this year; last year was the start of a social media based fashion promotion. Many stores, including Banana Republic have customers posting customized outfits based on their favorite designers. They start by choosing an outfit, posting it online, and from there other customers and followers have access to see for themselves whether they could agree to pull off such an outfit.

The point is that technology spreads the word of fashion trends and speeds up the marketing proportion of the industry; an important aspect that leads to success in ANY business today. The fashion industry is flourishing in the market of athleisure wear; thanks to to technology and social media, very few are left without questioning the style of athletic clothes.

Rebecca Interdonati