Eyebrow Frenzy or Eyebrow Fail?

Everyone knows about the hottest trends in fashion this past year. From bringing back chokers way back from the 90s, to rocking holographic nails, one of the more outlandish trends of 2017 has been the infamous eyebrow trend. It all started with the natural brow, then the “Instagram brow,” and now there’s even the braided brow and the squiggle brow.

BuzzFeed Video recently posted a video on YouTube of women trying the squiggle brows, as well as other internet famous beauty-gurus such as the “eyebrow queen,” Kelley Baker. Senior Erin Tesoriero at HF believes that this new trend is “too much effort” and that “people are trying too hard to make these eyebrows a trend.” In reality, “it’s just too extra,” as sophomore Gabby Gagliano bluntly exclaimed.

What do you think of this new trend, would you wear the wavy brows or would you rather strut the straight brow?

Julia DeVita