Riverdale Season Two: We’ve got Answers

Riverdale is a show very popular among teenagers. Fans have been waiting for season two to come along and it is finally here.

The cast has released very little information in interviews about season two. Fans only know so little, but with the little they have they are predicting a lot to come in the upcoming season.

Fans are predicting who Cheryl’s “unexpected love interest” is and even what challenges are to come with the beloved ship Bughead. But the biggest question on everyone's mind: is who shot Fred Andrews? Fans are stumped on this very question. They are eager to get answers.

According to the cast, Fred Andrews getting shot was not the original ending to the first season. They were just as shocked as we were. Season one gave us twists and turns that not even the cast expected, and we are expecting lots of those twists and turns in season two as well.

Now that the show has debuted on October 11th, fans have already been predicting who the criminal is. Most recently, fans have been predicting Penelope Blossom to be the criminal.

Fans believe she is seeking revenge on Archie and his friends for finding Jason’s killer. It is no question, that Penelope has had a series of major events occurring in her life.

First her son gets murdered, her husband killed her son then himself, and her daughter burnt down her beloved home. This is definitely something Penelope is capable of.

Another Fan Theory, is a Southside Serpent. The South Serpents are known to be causing trouble in Riverdale, so the question is, was this something one of them was capable of?

Fans believe that Fred Andrews mistreated their honorary member, FP Jones. Could have this been an act of loyalty?

Fans are not sure. They don’t believe the serpents would have jeopardized Archie and Jughead’s friendship. A popular fan theory is Hiram Lodge, Veronica Lodge’s father.

Sophomore, Gabby Gagliano, is a big believer in this fan theory. “I think it was Hiram Lodge, it seems like he has bad blood with everyone in Riverdale. Since he was in jail, he’s definitely capable of evil.”

Fans, like Gabby, think he was responsible for this disaster but they don’t believe he himself was the one who pulled the trigger. They believe he hired a hitman, out of spite.

Hiram definitely had the motive: his wife Hermione was having an affair with Fred Andrews. Is it possible he could have gotten news of this and sought out revenge?

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Sophia De Matteo