The Scary Reality of "The Handmaid's Tale"

Alexis Bledel picked up the emmy recently for her role as Oflgen in the dystopian Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale. The show is about a fictional oppressive regime and women’s total loss of power in society. The show is so important to watch and learn from. Bledel used her platform in her acceptance speech to “encourage all of us to take action, speak up and stay awake.”

The show based off Margaret Atwood’s novel, and has already made a strong impression on its viewers and has been a scary reality check for many women. The focus on the current generation makes it more relatable to viewers, but also more horrifying. As a woman, after watching this show, it had a great effect on me, especially in times where it feels like the world is repeating history and moving backwards.

Senior, Jamie McArthur finds the topic “extreme yet appropriate for today’s society.” Offred, essentially the narrator of the story, says “We were all asleep” when reflecting on the past. The relevancy of this statement is so extreme for our current society, where although many people pay attention to current events, few really think about the ramifications. As a country, we have to constantly be aware of the decisions being made by those with power.


Erin Tesoriero