Straight From The Catwalk, To Your Closet

    It’s that time of year again that new fall fashion trends start to show up all over social media. After photos of New York and Paris Fashion Week started to surface, it is becoming easier to see what styles will be in for this autumn. Fringe, fur, and florals are just a few of the trends that have resurfaced, as well as some styles from the eighties. This includes velvets and oversized blazers, which were all over the runways over the past few days.

According to the website Fashionista, “’s almost inevitable that the ‘80s are fighting their way back into dominance; come September, expect to be drowning in volume.” The ‘80s fashion has also resurfaced because of television shows like Stranger Things, a Netflix original series. The people of this generation who grew up in the ‘80s, have had their own reactions to kids now, wearing things they wore at our age.

Many students at Harborfields High School are already rocking some of the summer into autumn trends, one of the more popular, general trends being booties. Most girls seem to have at least one pair in their closet, and the array of styles seems endless. They’re a shoe that easily pairs with many different clothing items, and they are an item that will stay popular for the rest of this season. Larger, more loose and thigh-high boots are also trending, and are offered in many different shoe stores. Celebrities, are often seen wearing these types of boots.

Another style expected to be trending this fall, is darker colored floral prints. According to the website Glamour, “Consider this the most seamless transition between seasonal wardrobes: Your fresh, springy bouquets turn a little darker (but no less lovely) come autumn.” Floral prints, a stereotypical spring/summer trend, have continued to stay popular for the fall 2017 fashion trends. They are taking on darker colors, like burnt orange, maroon, or brown, to fit the aesthetic at this point in time.

Of course, many different people will have different fashion choices, which is what always keeps each season’s trends so interesting: so many unique takes on a multitude of styles. When asked what their go-to style during the fall is, Tori Lanner replied, “I normally wear jeans--ripped or not ripped. If it’s colder, I’ll wear a long sleeve shirt, with the shoulders cut out. If it’s warmer, I’ll wear a short sleeve shirt. Sometimes, I also pair it with a bomber jacket”. It is so interesting to see what certain individuals like to wear during each season.

On the topic of men’s fall fashion trends, guys seem to be wearing a lot knit graphic shirts, and according to Vogue, it will, “one-up the slogan tee”. Other styles include quilted jackets, silk shirts, and even ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia pieces! Men’s fashion, while not covered as much as women’s, still has a large selection of many graphic and classic designs. Decades fashion trends have been coming back quite commonly over the past few years, and it is not a surprise that more of these trends are resurfacing for this fall season.

Universally, red clothing items seem to have taken this autumn’s fashion world by storm. Many of the models on the runways of Fashion Week have been wearing this bright and boisterous color, and it is one to stand out. The classic fall color is fitting in well with many of the other trends occurring this season.

This autumn will become very exciting, with both old and new trends leaving the runways, and entering teenagers’ closets.




Alexandra Palmieri