The Excitement of Holiday Shopping

We are finally fast forwarding to the holiday season and the excitement that comes with it. This time of the year for most of us is the most joyful and exciting time. Many of us get carried away thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah, but we can’t forget about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday that stretches all the way back to a time long before America even became a nation. To many people, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday.

On Thanksgiving, families gather around the dinner table and typically have a big turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is a holiday designed to say what you are thankful for and be thankful with your loved ones. Many people invite friends over who don’t have anywhere to go as a nice gesture to show them they are thankful to have them in their lives.

With the excitement of Thanksgiving we can all look forward to Black Friday shopping. Many people devour their thanksgiving dinners to begin their endless holiday shopping. Black Friday shopping has become a tradition to most Americans and we all look forward to the amazing sales every year. When interviewing Allison Brown, she said, “ I love Black Friday. Everything is always so cheap and its such an easy start to holiday shopping.”

Many people may ask, why is Black Friday so popular? The answer is simple, Black Friday is the traditional kickoff for the holiday shopping season. Historically, Black Friday has always been the best time of the year to find endless deals on the years most popular toys, games and electronics. Black Friday basically marks the time that you should start your endless holiday shopping trips. When interviewing Julia Panzavecchia, she said, “Black Friday is chaotic I’m more of a cyber Monday person.” Which is true, Black Friday is not for everyone which is why we have cyber monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving, which is promoted by online retailers. On Cyber Monday prices are extremely low and it’s a great way to get holiday shopping done in an efficient way and without the headache.  

Black Friday is an American shopping tradition that marks the official beginning of the holiday shopping season. It starts the day after Thanksgiving. When interviewing Robbie Pellicane he said, “Black Friday is a lot of fun.” While it is not an official holiday all schools have off for a four day weekend. Many people will start their Black Friday shopping right after they finish dinner. The sales begin that night at midnight and many stores all over stay open for the people that want to get a head start. Try to avoid the rushes that occur friday during the day by going at night. Many people stay out late that night and try to go to as many stores as they possibly can and get as many discounts as they can. It’s a great way to kick off The Holiday spirit. Don’t forget to go Black Friday shopping this year!

Lili Noah