Anyone Can Walk the Runway

With the new season approaching, fall fashion is coming out and making its mark in stores all over the world. This is an extremely significant week for fashion in New York City and models are piling up to make their 2018 fall debut on the runway. The New York Fashion week is one of the biggest global events in September.

The fashion world is a world anyone can be in as long as they have determination. In this year’s fashion show people are already changing the way people look at models. A model with down syndrome walked the runway and fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a model for New York Fashion Week. This 21 year old girl, Marian Avila, was brave enough to show the fashion world that there are no barriers and as long as you have your mind set on a goal you can complete it. Marian walked the New York  runway for the first time in the Talisha White Show on Saturday, September 8th. In this show, Marian modeled a variety of magnificent evening gowns and modeled them unbelievably.

One fellow student, Allison Brown said, “Fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear it is the people that are wearing them so it is important to have different people wearing different trends.”

Marian Avila was able to fulfill her dream with her parents and siblings watching her have the time of her life and do what she loves. In this show, the models proved that anyone can be an “it” girl. The models varied from pageant girls, models in wheelchairs, models with down syndrome, and even people that are short and were always told they could never be a model. The main focus in the show, which has such a positive and meaningful message to teen girls, is that anyone can fulfill their dreams and we can all be an “it” girl.

This is such a powerful message to our generation because many model agencies and companies show their clothes being worn on their definition of a perfect girl and this makes many people think they are not good enough. Many times these perfect girls are skinnier than we are and are extremely tall. However, New York Fashion week yet again has shown that anyone can be a “it” girl as long as they set their mind to it. Anyone can break the barriers of the fashion world and Marian Avila was a perfect example.

HF student, Valerie Nordin said, “I love how you said New York Fashion Week is branching out because when I think about a model, I think about a tall skinny girl. It makes me feel better that they are switching up what an ideal model should look like.”

In this year’s New York Fashion Week, models are rocking fall trends such as classic glen plaid overcoats, oversized outerwear with eye catching colors and designs, dresses and sweaters with a mix of different patch works and crochet, gowns with unique floral designs, fur coats, jackets with leather bold shoulders as an 80’s look, transparent plastic and holograms, full white outfits, and many more new ideas.

Another student, Ellen Maguire said, “Fashion is a way to express yourself and it is so important for model agencies to be diverse in the models that they use.” Fall fashion trends are becoming more unique and artistic than ever before. New York Fashion 2018 is making its mark on the world and changing the competition between models. Always remember, there are no barriers in fashion and we can all be a part of the fashion world in one way or another.