The Endless Struggle: Comfort Versus Fashion

Hey you! Yeah you. The nice ladies of Harborfields, what are you wearing today? Look yourself over, are you wearing jeans or some nice warm leggings. Some Nike shoes, or a worn out pair of Uggs. Or new Uggs. A fluffy sweater or a sleeveless sequin shirt on this fine winter morning. How did you decide on this outfit? Plan it the night before or just slapped it on 5 seconds before your bus came this morning. A question that has crossed through our minds at least once this school year. Should I look good or feel good. Most of us choose the latter. For me though, the answer isn’t that simple. And according to Jocelyn, it isn’t for her either. She told me that whether it’s a gym day or a regular day or if she’s just feeling like dressing up on a certain day, she will. For me, the questions are very similar. Do I have gym or not? Do I have a presentation today? Do I have any tests? For me, on gym days, I am not looking my brightest, but on presentation days I am. Why? Why should it even matter what you’re wearing if you’re presenting or not? Well it matters to me, it gets me in the mindset and feeling ready to get up in front of my class and not look as bad as I always do. Sometimes though, I’m just not feeling it. I wake up and realize it’s a messy bun and sweater day. And that is completely fine, what you wear doesn’t define who you are. The most important thing that should ever be your goal, is to feel good. Whether it’s wearing your best dress, or whether it’s wearing sweatpants in the middle of summer. We’re free to be whoever we want to be.



Keren Flores