Halloween at Harborfields: Overview 2017

Happy Halloween HF! Walking around on Halloween, the creativeness and originality that our students possess is very prominent, shown through elaborate and unique costumes.

From cute group costumes like aliens and the Seven Dwarves, to funny costumes like Bernie Sanders and The Pope, the participation is what makes this holiday so much fun.

Harborfields is one of the only school districts on Long Island that allows students to dress up for Halloween. According to mynorthwest.com, each individual principal of each school in the country is allowed to set guidelines for costumes, and even ban the wearing of costumes all together.

Usually, it’s a single student or a group of students that ruin the tradition for their classmates. Foxnews.com states that in 2006, three senior girls showed up to Long Beach High School dressed as the underwear-bearing-children's-book-superhero, Captain Underpants. The principal sent the three girls home to change, and banned the wearing of costumes, continuing its banishment to even this year’s celebration.  

Our students recognize how lucky they are and are careful not to abuse their privilege. Riley Dash, a sophomore, says “I love being able to dress up for Halloween! It’s not a holiday that we get off of school for, which kinda stinks, but being able to dress up just makes the whole day better. I love the diversity and humor that our students have, and it is present what they wear on Halloween.”

This tradition is just another reason of what makes Harborfields such a wonderful and close-knit community. On the following slides, take a look at the most well-thought out and lavish costumes of the day

Gabby Gagliano