Homecoming Withdrawals

The Harborfields Tornadoes took home a big win this weekend at the annual Homecoming Game. The HF community all came to support their students, friends, and family. The final score of the thrilling game was 33-7, and it was a perfect way to start off the school year!

But what does homecoming mean to you? Homecoming can mean many different things for many different people. It can mean a great way for people to come together for a common interest, or it can mean a fun way to show off your school spirit and encourage your friends.

For senior, Lauren Banks, “Homecoming is a great way for the whole school to come together, where you don't have to worry about difference in grades, you all get to cheer on the team.” The annual Homecoming game allows for the entire HF Family to show their support.

Many students go all out with decorating, clothes, body paint, and students even decorate the school the night before. The floats were no exception. Over the summer, each grade worked hard to create their float for the fair, according to a given theme.

This year’s theme was music, so each grade got a different genre. Freshman were given techno, Sophomores, jazz, Juniors got country, and Seniors had Rock&Roll. Senior and student government member, Christina Abeltin, said, “Creating the float this year was a lot of fun, just having the grade all help out showed everyone really cared. It was a great experience!”

Homecoming had lots in store. There was great food, creative floats, and an exciting half-time show.  The school’s cheerleaders and marching band got to perform. It was exciting to see the final performance after weeks of rehearsing, it was nothing less that fantastic. Senior Gianna Masi recalls the event, “Half-time was great, watching everyone perform. I was lucky enough to participate in the senior half-time dance, which was super fun. It is an experience I’ll never forget.”

Seeing the whole school come together for Homecoming, showed unity among the school, and among the HF Family. Let’s continue that unity as the year continues.

Lily Lockwood