Blammo is Here!

Seniors are getting the chance to save some cash and be rewarded a free prom ticket. Sounds inviting, yes, but how exactly could a senior win a free prom ticket? The answer is an event at Harborfields called “Blammo.”

To briefly explain this, each senior who wishes to participate must buy a spoon for $5. In order to be deemed “safe,” each student must be holding on to their spoon at all times while in the building. If the student puts their spoon down for as quick as a second, any other senior can yell out “Blammo!” Therefore, the victim who put the spoon down has gotten them “out.” Now, the senior who yelled out “Blammo?” initially will be given a new name, in order to hunt them down and get that new person out. This is a long, ongoing process, which could take months to get down to one last man standing.

Senior Maria Panettieri, secretary of the class, says, “Blammo is really fun because we get to have a little bit of competition here which ends up being really funny.” Senior Sydney Pulvidente replies with a determined look, “I will win that free prom ticket.”

Based off of previous years, tensions can definitely escalate higher than expected here at HF. Last year, when time ran out and there were still several victors, a Spoon Jousting competition took place in the gym. Blammo is starting earlier this year so that history doesn't repeat itself.

Seniors, take this opportunity to save some cash and win a free prom ticket. The five dollars is worth the chance of not giving up a dime for an awesome night like prom. “I am so excited for Blammo. Everyone is going to be on edge every second they are at school. It’s gonna be hilarious,” says senior Grace Bianco.

Buy your spoon at the Wall of Scholars! And no, you cannot reach for your own spoon in your pantry. We are selling “one-of-a-kind” spoons.