Jazz Cabaret Night @ OMS

Our Harborfields community holds a lot of different people who have grown to experience different things. Whether you own a restaurant around here, teach in the district, or work at the bank in Greenlawn, adults have different stories to tell. Most importantly, students in the Harborfields District need to listen to these stories, because we need to become aware of the world that was behind us and the one that’s ahead of us.

Some older than us have been through harder times than others. Some deserve a great deal of honor that is difficult to portray, but is extremely necessary. An example of individuals such as these are war veterans. Our generation is caught up in a fast paced society, and we often forget to stop and thank those who have protected us in the past. That is why our district is hosting an annual Jazz Cabaret Night, dedicated to jazz and senior citizens in our town who have served our country.

This Cabaret Night is organized by the Leadership Class at the High School, but is held in the auditorium at Oldfield Middle School. However, to truly express our appreciation for their time and service, refreshments are served to our veterans at 6 p.m. Afterwards, the tradition is carried into a live performance by jazz band students. Everyone in attendance is there to enjoy the talents of a group of students who went to New Orleans last month, and who have been working hard to stay in tune.

Veterans and their families are invited to Oldfield Middle School on Wednesday, April 5th, to be a part of our HFamily. Senior and trumpet player Hannah Bartfield says, “I look forward to this annual event because it’s a good feeling knowing that you can express your appreciation towards these people simply through music.”

The HFamily offers a special thank you to all of those who are getting involved in this event that is near and dear to our hearts. The administration at Oldfield Middle School and Harborfields High School deserve a great turnout for the Jazz Night for dedicating time to veterans. Students in the middle school also are welcoming these senior citizens to their turf, by showing posters and writing cards to those who have served for us. The Leadership Class at the high school is helping by preparing food and offering any assistance for people there to enjoy. And lastly, we can thank the jazz band at Harborfields High School, a group made up of students from freshmen to seniors, for performing.

Now it is up to our Harborfields community to show the real family we are, by coming to Oldfield next Wednesday, April 5th, at 6 p.m in the school’s auditorium. An honorable and well known jazz musician Duke Ellington once said, “There is no art without intention.” The purpose and reason behind the music played is to express appreciation for the sacrifice of our veterans.


Christina Kohl