It’s that time of year to start figuring out next year. For those fortunate students who will be here at HF for another year, Student Government elections are underway. Whether you are running for Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or School positions, participation in these elections are a great way to get involved. Harborfields High School is trying to kick start interest in this aspect of HF, because oftentimes students run unopposed. Show more pride in your school by starting your campaign today, or simply vote for the students who will be representing you next year.

Upload your campaign information to Google Forms! Submissions will be running from May 22 to May 24, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. In order to grab the attention of our voters, campaign videos are encouraged for students running for a position. These videos will be aired May 30 for potential voters to get a look at. Once videos are displayed to the audience, actual voting begins. Make sure to get your desired candidates as potential officers, because voting closes on June 2.

Keeping HF traditions alive is an important aspect of our school, however, there is nothing wrong with adding a little twist! So, if you want to be an officer, start planning your path to success now. If you are choosing who you want to run the future of your class, stay updated with these different campaigns.

Christina Kohl