Student Government Bringing Our HFamily Back Together!

With high school starting back up this week, HF’s Student Government has been back and  running better than ever! Over the summer, there was a school-wide car wash hosted by Student Government that got us all back on our feet and having fun, while also raising money for HF.

There has also been buzz around everyone’s favorite back to school event, homecoming, in which members of Student Government offered up their houses for awesome float parties to get the float going! The floats are looking great, and you won’t want to miss seeing them on Saturday at 12:00 at the Harborfields Public Library in Greenlawn.

Student Government has done a great job so far at spreading the word and keeping HF up to date on social media, and junior class treasurer, Johnny Gadamowitz, even claimed that he’s most excited about “meeting new people, making new friends, and just getting back into that grind of school, while showing his school spirit this week at HF.”

If you want to see what’s kept Student Government busy with float creations, hallway decorations, and more, be sure to come support the fall sports at pep rally, and come march with your grade to see the floats in action for yourselves!


Julia DeVita