HF Robotics Club Gears Up

The Harborfields Robotics Club is ready for another year of mechanisms and machines. The club is already holding its Wednesday meetings, looking to get things back into gear!

Ben Messing, president of Robotics club, was asked what competitions the team would be entering this year. He responded, “We’re going to compete in the First Tech Challenge, which we've been doing for years. But unlike previous years we're actually going to win this time.”

The club is expecting an influx of new members this year following the success of the middle school robotics club. Many of this year’s incoming freshmen have shown a major interest in robotics. The club is hoping that this increased interest, they will be able to bring home Gold in the First Tech Challenge.

While the growing interest in the club is great, there are unfortunately only so many spots in the challenge. Ben’s solution to this problem? Having upperclassmen and underclassmen on separate teams or even Varsity and JV teams system based on skills.

With that being said, the club does not have the sufficient funding to support two teams. The club plans to hold a car wash, bake sales, and find sponsors in the community to support the team in its endeavors to build and compete with robots.

If you’d like to join the Robotics club, stay tuned to the morning announcements about their next meeting, which tend to be on Wednesdays after school in Room 507.

Samuel Edelstein