A Haven For All Things Super Hero


    Are you a fan of Marvel or DC, but you have no one to discuss it with? Well lucky for you, there’s a whole group of people like you, ready to discuss all things superhero!

Run by self professed comic enthusiast and HF gym teacher, Mr. Serie, the Superhero club is an outlet for anyone to express their passion of comics and heroes in a safe and fun environment. “It’s a very fun and relaxing after school activity. It brings people together over a common interest of comic lore”, expresses club president Casey Masone. “It’s a judgment free zone, everyone can have their own opinion, and we gladly welcome it. DC, Marvel, comics, it’s such a broad topic that more often than not, there will be differing opinions  and that ultimately makes it more fun.”

As well as discussion, the group even travels to the theaters to see showings of new Marvel and DC movies with each other.

“Comics, Marvel, and DC have become very popular. There’s a reason that the movies are often some of the most popular of the year. There’s a lot to love about it, and there’s a lot to discuss, and if you’re into it, give the club a try!”, said Mr. Serie.

If you’re interested, group meetings begin in November,  you can ask Mr. Serie and Casey Masone for further details and information.            


Matthew DiDomenico