Annual SADD Blood Drive

Harborfields’ own Students Against Destructive Decisions club, also known as SADD, is doing their annual blood drive, which takes place on November 1st. They have been sponsoring this blood drive for several years in a row.

As a Harborfields Community, we should help out, and there are many ways to do so.

For those who can’t donate, are too young, or have a fear of needles, there are many other ways to help out. You can help to spread the word of the drive, and try to get others to sign up. There more people that sign up, the more people we are able to help.

Donating blood is extremely important. If you donate, you will be able to save lives. One donation can help to save three people!

Donated blood is needed for those in accidents, people in need of surgery, cancer victims, the list goes on. Needless to say, giving blood is severely important in the survival of some people.

    SADD President, Amanda McDonald says, “This blood drive is extremely important, it’s such a good way to help out others and raise awareness. I encourage everyone, if you are able, to sign up!”

In order to donate, you must meet the age and weight requirements. Be sure to pick up a pamphlet if you are interested. Sign ups continue until October 25th, so be sure to get your name on the list before then and help save lives!


Lily Lockwood