Halloween Happenings at HF

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s been lots of buzz on the spookiest day of the year.

According to Google Trends, the 5 most frequently Googled questions are when is Halloween?, how many days until Halloween?, what should I be for Halloween?, what is Halloween?, and why do we celebrate Halloween?

Especially this year, people are getting into the Halloween spirit by looking for Halloween and scary related activities, like haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches.

Additionally, there has been lots of Google interest in scary movies, the meaning of trick or treating, Halloween’s sweetest treats, and costumes. This year’s most searched costumes are Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, clowns, Moana, and unicorns.

Cat Capodanno, a HF junior, says “ I’m so excited to see all the cute kids in their costumes at Safe Halloween this year!” At HF’s annual Safe Halloween this year, maybe we’ll get the chance to see our very own Moana and Wonder Woman!

Every year, hundreds of high school volunteer students, representing over 20 individual clubs, volunteer their time to decorate ordinary classrooms into Halloween-themed scenes for the younger students in the Harborfields district to gather their treats.

Junior Sophia De Matteo’s favorite part about Safe Halloween is seeing our school in a completely different environment, “with the elaborate decorations and spooky atmosphere, it’s really cool to see the school in a different way, and it’s so much fun to give all the little kids candy with your friends.”

Additionally, Sydney Aliperti, HF junior, claims that she is “super excited to do Safe Halloween again this year, as it’s a great way to volunteer for the community and have fun with friends.”

Join in on the fun on October 30th and don’t forget to bring in lots of candy. With the help of Mrs. Mantello and the interact club, let’s make Safe Halloween another success this year.

More importantly, let’s hope to eat lots of 2017’s most popular Halloween treats - donuts and M&Ms - this year!


Julia DeVita