HT Coming Back to School!

Harborfields Theatre Company is a club available to all students who attend school at Harborfields High School. It’s the students that decide to participate in this club that make it so special. The theatre company has recently been under new hands. Jim Incorvaia recently decided to take on HTCo as the new director. Incorvaia is taking his own spin on things and is running the club in a new and exciting way.This year will be full of new ideas. Incorvaia decided to take a modern twist on the greek play “Antigone”. All though auditions have not yet started for the show members of HTCo are delighted to be working on a show so different from shows done in the past. Incorvaia wanted this show to stand out and from what I’ve seen it will do just that. Mr.Incorvaia is exhilarated to be working with many talented and dedicated young artists. Antigone supposedly has many deaths according to HTCo president Emma Johnston. In Emma’s opinion, the show is great and full of unexpected twists and turns. For Emma, this will be an unforgettable senior fall play! The show, although complex, will captivate the audience. The language may be old, but Incorvia is planning on modernizing the show to appeal to a younger audience. HTCo officer Julia De Vita is thrilled to be working alongside Mr.Incorvaia this year. She feels his experience in the field with help her better herself as an actress. Julia is excited to challenge herself this year. Mr.Incorvaia’s decisions on which show to perform this year will encourage students to take risks. This will be a superb year for HTCo!  


Sophia De Matteo