How To Find Your Style

It would be senseless to say that everyone has the same fashion taste, it’s impossible, and yet society makes it seem like it has to be that way. More often than not, people are shamed for not wearing what’s “trendy” or what everyone believes to be fashionable, but it shouldn’t be that way. The definition of what a good outfit may be to someone differs from person to person and should not be shoved into a certain category. Everyone is allowed to wear what they want, whether they want to express themselves, or be comfortable. But, how to find it?

Not everyone has their style figured out. It can happen at any time, figuring out what you want to wear and where you want to wear it. Be a casual person, an over the top person, or just someone who wants something to fit the occasion. In my case, I find that personality is the key element when figuring out a certain style. What you like on yourself, what colors, certain style and cut also comes in to play when deciding these things. Maybe you’re an artist and want a laid back style with denim on denim look. Whichever you personality type is and whatever your style is, no one can tell it to you. You have to discover it yourself, and you need to start somewhere.

“How would you define your style?” It is likely that no one has asked you this question outright but you must have a general anserw. I asked Julia DeVita and Alex Palmieri, and while it took them a minute, they were able to give me a general rundown on their style. Can you? Julia said her style was rather laidback and comfortable, cute with summer vibes while Alex told me her style was an alternative new york musician style.  Two different styles, same school. It's that simple.

First things first, find a style that you would like to imitate. Whether it be from your favorite celebrity or a cool 90’s look, or even an experimentation of different styles, it is necessary you set a goal. You need this foundation to later build upon and determine what you liked best. Find people who share the same likes and tastes and styles, or a fashionably knowledged person so you become more aware and it becomes more normal for you. Someone who can guide you, whether it be a friend or an internet blog. Sure, most fashion blogs can run their mouths on and on, but find what convinces you and what interests you. Take Peter Nguyen from, its a blog run for men, but he makes very good tips that can be taken for either gender. My favorite article from his has to be A Beginner’s Guide: 16 Essential Style Tips For Guys Who Want To Dress Better. Even though it's directed at men, he makes good points, such as starting with neutral colors and easy patterns, and finding good fit clothing, and although it may seem like obvious and redundant information, but it makes sense and is true. Inform yourself,  and never make rash decisions. It’s going to be a long process, but totally worth it.  Starting with basic colors and slowly moving your way up with more exaggerated outfits, the “eye for style will be born.” Practice makes permanent, not everything will be perfect, but you can try and get as close as possible to having a striking outfit everyday. There are elements that can affect everyday, like the weather, and the environment your in, even trends. Stay focused and sharp. Your style will come naturally, you just need to give a little push.


Keren Flores