The Class of 2017 will have another event to look back on here at HF...The HF Pageant! However, unlike most pageants, we will be having the guys in our grade steal the show. On May 30th, twenty boys in our grade will be taking the stage in the auditorium in front of their fellow classmates. Tickets are five dollars for the viewers, but of course participants get free entry.

The Leadership Class will be putting this event together along with other end of the year events. We are placing focus on the Pageant right now because there are still spots open for contestants. So far, fourteen seniors have signed up, and the Leadership Class would love to fill up to twenty. Boys in the senior class have signed up, without even having to audition, from different groups of friends in the grade.

Senior Jack Stanisci says, “I think it’s gonna be hilarious seeing all these guys on stage. We have all known each other for a while, so I don’t feel any shame getting up on stage with some of my best friends watching.”

And this is true- only the senior class will be at the event, and it is certainly a fun way to wrap up years of going to school together. The Pageant has been done at Harborfields High School in the past, and it has always been a hit. The Leadership Class hopes to bring back the Pageant and make it stick on the school so that future grade levels can enjoy the same kind of entertainment.

The HF Pageant will be bracket style. With twenty contestants, there will definitely be different rounds with different themes. And yes, with themes, we mean dress ups. Senior Maria Panettieri informs everyone, “We want to have four different themes to spice up the Pageant and keep the entertainment going. We were thinking a formal theme, bathing suit attire, rodeo theme, and a special talents contest.” Clearly this Pageant is legit and with over a month left for Leadership to plan the flow of it, we will make it worth the five dollars.

For the Class of 2017, we want to kick off the end of the year with more spirited and involved events. The Pageant is just one of them. The Leadership Class plans on organizing a Debate Night, a Lip-Sync Battle, and a Drive-In Movie Night for the seniors. This, of course, all depends on the turnout of ticket sales and interest in our goals. We definitely hope and expect that seniors join us because we have less than two months of high school left, so it would mean a lot to spend as much time together as possible.

If you are a senior boy and you want to steal the spotlight, contact a member of the Leadership Class and we will sign you right up. Get your friends to do it with you if you don’t want to be alone. Or, just sign yourself up because those who don’t participate will a hundred percent regret it.

Christina Kohl