by Christina Kohl

Over two months later and Blammo is still in play here at Harborfields High School. With 157 contestants to start off, we are now down to only 37 players left in this rigorous game.

Students have been breaking spoons since day one, and now the battlefield has changed with a much more intense rulebook. Blammo is officially a free for all until we are down to one single victor.

Senior Sydney Pulvidente and a chair member on our so called “Blammo Committee” informs seniors that, “Prom is in two months and we still have 37 people left. Everyone left is now an expert at the game, so we had to come up with something that would get us down to one faster.”

Certainly, this new rule has helped spiral the eliminations in this game. Since the free for all began on Friday, April 21st, ten students have been eliminated.

The Senior Class hopes to be down to 20 by the time AP week ends. Of course, whoever is still left in Blammo aspires to be a part of that lucky twenty.

Outside students often ask, “What if by the last day of school there are still players competing to break your spoon?” The answer is, a spoon joust.

Now, the Class of 2017 hopes to avoid this sort of contest, but last year about fifteen kids took part in the spoon joust. A repeat of history is not doubtful when it comes to a competition such as Blammo.

This two month process has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at HF. The free prom ticket at the end is certainly worth the energy for some seniors.

Keep watching the event go down and stay up to date with the remaining participants, who are listed outside the cafeteria.

Christina Kohl