National Poetry Month

The month of April is widely celebrated and appreciated by teachers, students, librarians, bloggers, authors, and many more worldwide. April is the national poetry month and has been an ongoing event since 1996. The point of having a month dedicated to poetry is to acknowledge and spread the importance and existence of poetry. Also, it is a great way for teachers to have a month to teach their students all about writing poems. Writing poems is a great way to express yourself, feelings, or other things and is simply a nice skill to have. There are many ways to be active with poems this month and there are even contests to enter in including “poem in your pocket day,” “dear poet,” “poem a day,” and many more.

Here at Harborfields, English 11 classes are being proactive with a poetry project this month by writing a different kind of poem everyday for a week.  “Poetry is a lot easier than people think and if you put the time into it is really fun and you can get really creative with it,” says Grace Howard a Junior at Harborfields High School. People often think writing poems is a challenge but if you think from personal experiences and things that are important to you, it will come easier and you will improve and get more creative each time.

“Honestly when we first started the poem unit in english i was kinda scared because i'm not the best at poetry but i'm starting to like it now everytime i write” Says Toniann Rizzuto a junior a Harborfields High school.

I hope from national poetry month that you recognize and discover all the incredible poetry artists out there and learn the greatness of poetry writing.


Becca Interdonati