Variety Show

Harborfields is blessed to have this remarkable event every year. Students, adults, and even teachers of the Harborfields community show off their talents in the yearly variety show. Anyone from the Harborfields community of all ages is eligible to perform in the show. If you are interested in performing, auditions are held generally a month before the show at the elementary school in the cafetería. Even if you don't get in, don't be discouraged because you can always audition next year! Lots of people who do not make the cut, end up being a star the next year and are practically a celebrity once they hit the stage.

Tickets are sold at school, online, and at the door but make sure you order your ticket ahead of time because they sell out  fast and you are not guaranteed an entrance with tickets at the door. The talents that people have in the shows are truly incredible. The acts include singing, acting, dancing gymnastics, bands, and a very popular act, playing the piano. “I love the opportunity to perform in the talent show because I feel like my community really supports my love for singing and it is a great feeling.” , says Mariel Stein who has performed in the variety show multiple times.

There are some group acts like an acapella group or if you want to go solo and have an individual act, that is an option as well. In the past there has been daddy- daughter acts that are always very adorable. There are always acts with the very cute younger kids dancing on stage. Even if you have stage fright, do not let that get in your way of showing your talents because the audience is always supportive and wants to see you do your best. Even days after the show, you will still have people coming up to you telling you how great you performed. It is like having your own personal fans! Also, don't forget to get a nice snack at intermission! Generally they sell lots of candy,baked goods and water bottles. Every year they have a MC of the variety show. Last year was Mr.Murphy, which as you can conclude was a very funny experience. There were lots of laughs that night and it is always a good time.

So whether you are performing or are in the audition, we hope to see you there! Let your talents shine!


Rebecca Interdonati