The Most Exciting Week of September

The school year is upon us and with that is the excitement of football games, homecoming and pep rally. Pep rally gets everyone excited to start their sport seasons off confidently. Pep rally and homecoming is a great way to engage your student body and show your Harborfields spirit. Being involved in sports in the fall makes pep rally so much fun!

Pep Rally is a time for the school to cheer on each of their sports teams individually. Everyone in the gymnasium cheers and makes as much noise as possible.  Pep rally starts off with the kickline and marching band performances and ends with each team being called down to the basketball court. As each team walks out to the song that they pick, they all get cheered on. It is important for everyone to know the order in which things will happen at pep rally. The kickline, cheerleaders and band must be on the same page at all times. When interviewing Allison Brown, she said, “Pep rally is so exciting and fun. I love it because I’m on kickline so I get to perform. The whole crowd is always cheering and it just feels so supportive.”

The more time your team members take preparing for the event and getting motivated for the season, the more fun pep rally will be. The whole gymnasium will be filled with HF pride! When interviewing Victoria Bell, she said, “Homecoming and pep rally are both so much fun because it brings the whole school together and it shows how much school spirit HF has.” If you are performing in kickline, cheer or band you must make sure your performances are ready for the big day. Practice with your teammates to make your performances the best they can possibly be.

Don't forget, everyone can find a way to participate in pep rally and have a great time. You do not have to be on a team to participate in pep rally. The student body can always get involved and stay in the bleachers while cheering the athletes on. Everyone is invited to the bonfire afterwards, which is fun for all.Everyone’s job at pep rally is to keep the crowd engaged and excited for the next game. So, stay spirited! Move around, show your spirit, talk to different people and communicate with your captains if you are participating in a fall sport. When pep rally is over there is no need to rush out. You have to go to the bonfire to have the full experience and to have as much fun as possible.

The most exciting part that everyone has been waiting for is homecoming. Homecoming is so much fun for everyone. Whether you are playing in the game or just watching from the bleachers you will never forget this day. Every grade gets their own shirts and are divided into sections on the bleachers. Before the game, there’s a parade and every grade has a float that is themed. The overall theme this year is time periods. Freshmen are prehistoric, Sophomores are medieval times, Juniors are wild wild west and seniors are hippies. Each grade makes their floats independently. When interviewing Matt Smith, he said , “Homecoming was the highlight of my freshman year and pep rally was pretty fun. My favorite part was the bonfire and  just hanging out outside after pep rally.” It is so important to get involved in school events at the beginning of the school year. Homecoming is a time to celebrate HF with your friends and family. Even alumni will come and watch this game to support HF. Homecoming and pep rally will be some of your most memorable times from high school so don't miss it!

Lili Noah