The Worst Super Bowl in New York History

The Worst Super Bowl in New York History

If you live in the beautiful state of New York, you’d know how much pride comes with the success of our local teams. The “City of Champions” always boasts its total of 29 World Series Championships, 5 Super Bowl victories, 4 NBA championships, 8 Stanley Cups, and a championship in almost any other sport that you could possibly think of. This city lives and breathes sports. It’s a part of New York culture, and quite frankly that will more than likely never change. Ever.

What Giancarlo Stanton Trade Means for New York's Culture

New York. The city that never sleeps. The place that breeds the heart of champions. New York has been the pinnacle of cities in relation to sports. In every sport, each team that comes from here is iconic to this day. The biggest team of all of them, the New York Yankees have once again established themselves as the empire of Major League Baseball. If you ask why then you must be living under a rock because earlier this week, the Yankees and the Marlins agreed to terms to send powerhouse slugger Giancarlo Stanton over to the Big Apple.

Now, if you know me, then you know I’m not necessarily a baseball person. I find the games to be slow and quiet with the exception being when a home run is shot into the stands. This sends the whole crowd as well as your living room into a frenzy filled with cheers and shouts of pure excitement. The thing is, no matter what sport you are interested in when you live in this state, you know about the Yankees. With legends such as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez holding much influence over the city you can’t help but to know at least a little bit about New York baseball.

This trade. This trade is a game changer, but not only for the baseball fans in New York, but for the culture of New York as well. Growing up during the time when the Yanks’ last won the World Series in 2009, no matter where you are you ALWAYS can find somebody wearing a Yankee hat. In this state it was inevitable that you’d stumble upon this. With something like this happening, don’t be surprised if you see the city streets as well as our own high school flooded with Yankee hats, Judge and Stanton Jerseys, and T-shirts with different varieties of Yankee spirit.

This team filled our home with so much pride. This city is home to the most championships in MLB history. 27 series won on the biggest stage of the fall. And honestly, we can really say that there’s a chance that this can change to 28 championships next year. Paired with the hard hitting AL Rookie of the Year, 2017 Home Run Derby Champion, 2017 Silver Slugger, and 1 time All-Star Aaron Judge, playoff game changer Didi Gregorious, an ace of a pitcher in Masahiro Tanaka, and more, Stanton and the Yankees are poised to make a deep playoff run as well as become contenders for the World Series in the next coming season. Las Vegas actually has them winning the series with the best odds out of every team in the league (5-1).

Chris Sheehan, a baseball fan in Harborfields said, “The Yankees are so overpowered. They have a serious  chance at beating the Red Sox for the AL East title. As for the World Series, they have a chance but there are a lot of contenders out there.”Another opinion I heard stems from Mathew Didominico, an avid Yankees fan. “This move is definitely going to fill seats in Yankee Stadium. Although we’re adding more than 50 home runs to the rotation and putting this team in serious position to get to the World Series, the money would probably be better if it was used towards a pitcher.” He isn’t wrong. But the thing is with such a force coming to the team, it honestly doesn’t matter. This team is an offensive juggernaut that will put runs upon runs on the scoreboard. The Yankees are up and coming and are ready to take on everybody in the MLB in hopes of bringing a title back to the city of champions. After a move like this, there truly is only one thing left to say. Ladies and Gentlemen, New York baseball is back.

Kevin's Rad Picks: Week 13

Kevin's Rad Picks: Week 13

Last week I took off as it was Thanksgiving and I didn’t feel like writing an article. This week I’m back with some hot pics and even hotter takes. I know it’s technically Week 13, but its only week 2 of the GRIND. Side note: I was late getting even this article out. So yes, it's too late to take my advice on the Thursday night game but, I made my pick anyway. Let’s dive in.

Washington @ Dallas(-2): Washington

The Washington R-words beat the Giants last week while the Cowboys have lost three straight, all without Ezekiel Elliott. Cowboys stink now without Elliott, so my pick goes to the R-words.

Minnesota @ Atlanta(-3): Minnesota

“Life's too short to bet the under”… wait that's the wrong saying. Anyway, this may be the easiest pick I make all year. Minnesota is good and Atlanta is not, so the fact that they are plus 3 mean you HAVE to pick the Vikes.

Detroit @ Baltimore(-1): Detroit

Detroit’s offense is far superior to the Ravens in all aspects except for rushing. Meaning, if Joe Flacco wants to truly be considered elite, this is a must win for the Ravens. I, however, think he's a washed-up bum so, I got Detroit. But hey, who knows? Maybe he can lead is very mediocre Ravens to a trip to the playoffs because the AFC stinks.

New England(-8.5) @ Buffalo: New England

No matter how much Billsmafia believes they can win this game, they won't. The Bills stink.

San Francisco @ Chicago(-3): Chicago

No one wins. This will be the worst game of football all year. Both teams are tanking and are forcing the fans to watch this sorry excuse for a football game. I say Bears for the sole reason that they won two more games than the Niners. The one good that comes out of this game is that the over/under is 41. This might be the one time you NEED to bet the under, sorry Big Cat.

Denver(-1) @ Miami: Miami

You know when you just have a feeling? I've got a big one for the Fins. That one guy on the Broncos who got into a fight last week is apparently good and is now suspended so, that's why I'm going Miami.

Kansas City(-3.5) @ New York Jets: Jets

Kansas City has been REALLY bad lately, like, lose to the Giants bad. If Kansas City is as bad as they've been, the Jets should be able to get themselves back into the AFC Wild Card picture without much effort.

Houston @ Tennessee(-6.5): Houston

I was going to go Titans, but the spread favors Houston. The Titans are very mediocre and so is Houston without Deshaun Watson. And, Trubisky isn't bad when John Fox lets him throw the ball. It should be a close one, also considering Houston blew out the Titans Week 4.

Cleveland@ Los Angeles Chargers(-14): Chargers

The Steeler-Packer game last week had this same spread, and that turned out to be a 3 point game. But then I realized, the Chargers don't play down to their opponent’s level like the Steelers do. Plus the Browns aren't just bad, they're a full blown dumpster fire that can't be controlled.

Carolina @ New Orleans(-4): New Orleans

The Saints are good. I think I said that Week 11 too. Anyway, they are both 8-3 but, New Orleans has the better offense. I trust Drew Brees and the Saints offense more than Cam “The Ham” Newton (yes, I made that up right on the spot), so my pick goes to New Orleans.

Los Angeles Rams(-7) @ Arizona: Rams

The Cards stink and I shouldn't have picked them when they played Houston in Week 11. Rams take this one.

New York Giants @ Oakland(-7): Giants

I'm going to do my first real  “hot take” that will for sure heat some Giants fans up. I think Geno is the answer. There, I said it. Ben McAdoo is without a doubt getting fired after this season, and he  knows that. So, why not stir up some controversy with your 36 year-old franchise quarterback? Look, the way I see it, Geno has had some time to develop his game on the bench and Mcadoo knows that. Worse case scenario, Geno screws up and you give Eli’s eventual replacement some reps. I say Giants still lose, but not by 7.

Philadelphia(-5.5) @ Seattle: Philadelphia

I'm convinced Philly will not lose another game this regular season. Playoffs are a different story, because, you know, Patriots.

Pittsburgh(-5) @ Cincinnati: Pittsburgh

This is a big rivalry game that never seems to disappoint. The Steelers always play down to the Bengals, but always win. This time should be no different.

My record: 7-6-1

All stats and spreads courtesy of and

A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a Holiday where we give thanks for what we have,and try to give back to others in return. One HF student in particular understands this concept too well. For over 10 years now, junior Johnny Gadamowitz hosts a huge football game on Thanksgiving morning, where over 50 kids come together to play America’s most popular sport. What makes this occasion so special is that Johnny urges attendees each year to bring in money, coats, food items and etc that are donated to various charities.“Since 2006 we’ve gathered a bunch of kids together to play some football on Thanksgiving, but around the third year I came up with the idea to raise some money for a good cause in the process. We’ve donated to HACEF, Ronald McDonald House, and various other charities and we’re able to get more people to attend every time thanks to social media, which results in more donations.” The games are 2 hand touch, 6 on 6, where experienced football players are assigned to captain each team. After a while, the game stops, and different teams play each other. When it’s all said and done, everybody gets a solid couple of hours of football, and a lot of good is done as well. Another HF junior, Adam Marino, who has been going for many years, shares his thoughts on the event. “It’s something that everyone looks forward to each year, and what’s great about it is that it is all for a good cause. Johnny gathers everyone to come down and just play some carefree football. On top of thanksgiving, we also play on Super Bowl morning, so there’s more than one chance to get involved.” If you would like to find about more about this Thanksgiving tradition, inquire to Johnny Gadamowitz for information.

Why are ACL’s Tearing Left and Right?

Why are ACL’s Tearing Left and Right?

It seems that one of the most common injuries that is occurring in high school and college athletes is ACL tears. ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and is the ligament that connects the .. There are some theories that have been explored as to why this is occurring but none of them have been proven to be true 100% of the time. It is concerning that young athletes have such a high frequency of this injury, which can be seen in the Harborfields population.


Who’s Tearing it Up on the Field?

Who’s Tearing it Up on the Field?

As the spring sports teams are entering into the second half of their seasons, there are many people to look out for. There are a few athletes that should be followed through the rest of their seasons, having started out on the right foot. Hopefully, these athletes will continue to prosper as the teams make their mark in playoffs this year.

Tornadoes Beat the Hurricanes

The Harborfields girls’ lacrosse team is starting their season off on the right foot, beating the Westhampton Hurricanes in their first match of the year. This is an important win for the Lady Tornadoes, who had suffered a crushing defeat at the Hurricane’s hands last year. Everyone who was at the game knows that the Tornadoes are a completely different team this year.

ACL Series Part 1: How Can ACL Tears be Prevented?

ACL Series Part 1: How Can ACL Tears be Prevented?

One of the most common injuries in people around the world is a ruptured ACL. Although there have been great advancements in the options for ACL reconstruction, it would be better to prevent the injury in the first place. Most people are starting to realize that doing leg strengthening programs can drastically reduce the number of people that are sidelined because of an injury like this one.